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Knicks Make 3 Key Deals

Knicks sign 3 key off-season players to ensure they can compete.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: This will help, but don’t plan on going to the Eastern Conference Finals NYC.

Knicks Make 3 Key Deals

The Knicks signed Marcus Camby, J.R. Smith (aka Rihanna’s boy-toy), and Steve Novak this week. This locks in some solid bench play, but does little to help them actually get deeper into the playoffs. The Knicks haven’t made any major off-season moves.

I know NYC was all excited to win their first playoff game in a century last post-season, but if NYC is serious about actually advancing in the playoffs they’ll need a lot more than Camby, Smith, and Novak.

J.R. Smith agreed to a 2-year deal that gives him a reported $2.8 million a year and Novak lined up a 4 year $15 million contract. Novak and Smith are the offensive production of New Yorks second unit, but it’s still the second unit. What have the Knicks done to strengthen their first unit?

They still struggle with the same problem as last year. Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony don’t play well together. Anthony basically hogs the ball and gets his points as the Knicks lose and Stoudemire begs for the ball on the high-post.

This is a Knick offense that will continue to struggle and produce marginal results. One more year of watching these all-stars fail to produce will be all the NYC faithful can take. Unless changes are made this off-season, this is a team bound to repeat its mistakes.

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