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Report: Jeremy Lin’s Offer From Rockets Boils Down To Marketing Dollars

Jeremy Lin looks to be the next starting PG for the Houston Rockets.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: The Rockets have much more to gain; the Knicks can only lose.


Here’s the rub, friends. According to an inside source, a lot of what the Rockets are doing is based on marketing. Yes, marketing, the thing that silently makes the world as we know it, spin. And why would the Rockets attempt to sign Jeremy Lin boil down to marketing? Because, since Yao Ming left the team, the Rockets are losing out on several tens of millions dollars per year because Asian companies do not have the tie in that Ming’s presence in Houston created.

Much to the dismay of Rockets fans to who want the team to compete for a title, this move is solely based on what the team can collect from overseas marketing groups, and the bottom line.

When Ming was with the Rockets, the team had a total of seven Asian companies spending money on marketing with the Rockets. Since he left, only one remains. And it stands to reason- when the Asian equivalent of Michael Jordan leaves the franchise, why would the marketers stick around? They have far less to gain.

Enter Jeremy Lin. Suddenly, those marketers want back in. Suddenly, the three year, $25.1 million dollar deal the Rockets and Lin have agreed to looks like an absolute bargain. Would you pay $25 million dollars to make $100 million dollars? I would, but this lady might not.

So what are the Knicks supposed to do, match the contract, get reamed by the luxury tax in three years and hope Lin’s 25 game stretch as a starter wasn’t a fluke?

In a league where no one lets anyone go for nothing, the Knicks best move is to let Lin walk and make things work with a mix of Raymond Felton and Jason Kidd.

The Rockets are dealing from a position of strength. To sign Lin, the Knicks would be chasing the bus.

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