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Bulls To Sign Nazr Mohammed- How Bad WIll They Be Next Year?

The Bulls are expected to sign veteran center Nazr Mohammed as a way to replace current back-up center Omir Asik.

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Asik was a solid back-up who was exactly what the Bulls second unit needed as far as a defensive anchor. Asik produced well in limited minutes, and has some upside, but the 3 year, $25 million dollar deal Houston offered would be ridiculous to match. Signing Mohammed is a slight step back, but a solid move in lieu of paying that kind of money to retain Asik.

Keeping Asik doesn’t make the Bulls a title contender, but losing him is one in a series of things that have happened to change the continuity of the team.

First off, Derrick Rose’s knee injury limits what this team can be. Having your star player and NBA MVP miss an entire season with a knee injury is catastrophic by itself.

What do Carlos Boozer or Rip Hamilton even have left? Doesn’t look like much.

Will Luol Deng be healthy by the time the season starts?

The Bulls dealt Kyle Korver and signed Vladmir Radmonivic- would you essentially trade Korver for Vlad to save $5 mil a year?

John Lucas III is reportedly ready to sign with the Raptors- that would be bad.

With all those things considered, what have the Bulls done to make themselves better? Nothing. What have they done to even stay where they were? Not much and to sign Mohammed would reaffirm that.

In even simplier terms who is going to score for ths team? I love Joakim Noah but getting more than 10 ppg is a bonus. Ronnie Brewer is good in spurts, but primarily a defender. CJ Watson has to score 25 a game the way it’s laid out right now.

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