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USA Pummels Nigeria

USA Pummels Nigeria

In the largest blowout in Olympic history, the USA Men’s Basketball team beat Nigeria by 83 points.

Hoopsvibe’s quick call:  Just give the USA the gold medal now.

In Thursday’s Pool A Olympic tournament game, the USA beat Nigeria 156-73.  Carmelo Anthony lead the way (and only played 14 minutes) scoring 37 points.  He’s the first player to score that many points in that many minutes in an Olympic game.

But did USA run up the score unnecessarily??

"We didnt play LeBron and Kobe in the second half, and with Carmelo shooting like that, we benched him," Coach Mike Krzyewski said.  Looking and nodding at the Nigerian coach, Coach K said, "Coach would think it humiliating if we didn’t play hard."

The game against Nigeria was just a reminder that the USA is the most dominant basketball presence in the Olympics this year.  Sure, Argentina, France, Spain and a few others have put together decent squads but there is no question that the USA is the best team in the field.

"It was like open gym out there for them," Nigeria’s Tony Skinn quoted to Yahoo! Sports.

Team USA is just that good.  We’ve always been.

They should probably just give us gold now.

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Image source:  WENN images.