Wednesday , Aug , 08 , 2012 Paul Eide

“Obama Classic” In NYC; Will There Be More Than One?

On Tuesday, the Obama campaign announced plans to stage a basketball event entitled the “Obama Classic” hosted in NYC with guest appearances by Patrick Ewing, Michael Jordan, Alonzo Mourning and Carmelo Anthony to name a few.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: With the lack of success the Charlotte Bobcats have has a franchise, is an MJ endorsement really a good thing?

The word “classic” in this context implies that there will be another one; if he loses to Mitt Romney, wouldn’t it just be a one-time thing, like “Shaq vs. Hakeem presented by Taco Bell”?

Classic also, especially in the parlance of NYC outdoor basketball tourney talk, implies there might be a shootout (not the NBA kind, but the “street” kind), that might send known NBA stars scurrying.

For a mere $3, anyone who wants to attend will be entered into a raffle (like Willy Wonka) with the winner actually attending the event and meeting the principals. Previously, the Obama campaign did the same thing with George Clooney where “interested parties” donated $23 a piece to be entered into the same kind of drawing, where the event took place at the actors home. But what trips me out is that Clooney can garner $23 per raffle ticket and MJ, his “Airness”, the greatest basketball player of all time, can only get three dollars? And, he needs the help of a vanquished foe to do it.

Meanwhile, a proposed “Mitt Romney Classic” featuring the soothing sounds of Mel Torme, pro Chik Fil A banter, golf and a roundtable event on how several Romney backers made their “first 10 million” only registered slight NBA interest, namely, from Brian Scalabrine and Greg Stiemsma.

Just kidding- there is no “Mitt Romney Classic”. But, his wife Ann poured a ton of dough into a horse that lost at the Olympics; same difference.

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