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France Player Punches Navarro Below The Belt

France’s Batum punches Spain’s Navarro below the belt.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: This hurts me to even watch.  If this isn’t intentional I don’t know what is.

The image of international basketball used to be that they didn’t play physical. That the real players in the NBA could push them around and the international refs called every little thing a foul. Apparently, France’s Nicolas Batum didn’t get the memo.

His French team lost a close game to Spain 66-59 and decided to take out his frustrations with a punch to the groin of  Spanish guard Juan Carlos Navarro. First of all, this violates every rule of “Man Code” in the world. Second, you’re on international t.v. slick. Don’t you think you might get caught?

Well, he did. Now the French team and Navarro are awaiting sanctions from FIBA and seeing as David Stern likes to poke his nose into everything, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Navarro has punishment in the NBA waiting for him too. Batum plays for the Portland Trail Blazers, when he’s not punching Spanairds in the groin during the Olympics. For the record, the Olympics is obviously a non-sanctioned NBA event and Stern clearly has no right to discipline Navarro. Yet, I’m betting Navarro’s still in trouble with Papa Stern nonetheless.

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