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LeBron James Appears in “Jaws” Deleted Scene

King James makes a special apperance for the Blu-Ray release. .

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: If Jaws did sneak up on LeBron in the water and ingest him, LeBron would doubtlessly be criticised and panned for the way he was eaten and digested. 


The footage in this “deleted scene” is shocking and may be too much for younger viewers. Especially consdiering the crispness and quality afforded via Blu-Ray.

All kidding aside, can LeBron’s “killer instinct” even be questioned anymore after his performance in the Olympics? How about the step-back three pointer he hit with two minutes left? It was incredibly similar to the one he hit against the Thunder in the Finals. His 273 career points in Olympic play are second-most all-time to David Robinson’s 280.

James joined Michael Jordan (1992) as the only players to win an NBA title, NBA MVP award and a gold medal in the same year. When you talk about sports feats that may not ever agin be approached, let alone repeated, that has to come up, if nothing else because of how infrequent the Olympics are. If he keeps up at this rate he may even be a great front office executive in addition to being perhaps the greatest player ever- just like Larry Bird.

The way LeBron is playing over the last four months or so in particular, maybe he could take on Jaws and win. Who would he have to beat for an encore- Godzilla (“God-Zi-Rah”)? Optimus Prime, maybe?

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