Sunday , Aug , 19 , 2012 Paul Eide

Thunder Sign Serge Ibaka To Extension

On Saturday night, the Oklahoma City Thunder announced they had agreed to a four year, $48 million dollar extension with defensive stud Serge Ibaka.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call- Let the speculation about what they are going to do with James Harden begin!

While it’s nothing for Harden to get “defensive” about, the Ibaka signing is the right move- wing scorers like Harden are a lot more common in the NBA. Guys like Ibaka are incredibly rare.

 If you needed any indication of how much Ibaka means to the organization and how committed GM Sam Presti is to his work, Presti completed the deal and announced the signing on his wedding day- just something else for his wife to hold over his head for the next several years; “You love the organization more than you love me, Sam. Durantula is like your mistress. Are you really with him when you say you are? That’s like 82 nights a year. And including playoffs it’s over 100. I wish I could get that much attention from you.” Shout out to all my married dudes who know what that’s like.

Anyway, Ibaka should have won the NBA Defensive Player of the Year award this year, and anyone who matters around the NBA knows this. Not only that, but his offensive game is underrated, especially his mid-range jumper. Not to mention the length he plays with and the fact that he isn’t intimidated by ANYONE in the NBA- remember his block on LeBron’s dunk attempt in the Finals?. Every championship squad needs a defensive anchor.

So, now that Ibaka has been re-signed, let’s get to the burning question- what are the Thunder going to do with James Harden? Sign him or trade him? And if they trade him, where does he go?

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