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Indiana Honors Larry Bird With A Statue

Larry Legend to get a statue at Indiana State.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: How is it possible they don’t already have a statue. Afterall, his name is Larry Legend.

Indiana State recentely announced plans to erect a 15 foot bronze statue to honor Larry Bird. A statue has been debated among the powers that be at Indiana State for years, but they finally look like they’re ready to pull the trigger. I’m not sure what exactly they’re debating. Maybe they couldn’t decide on whether to make it 15 feet tall or 25 feet tall. Maybe it was a discussion between making it out of bronze or making it out of chrome? Either way, it’s a go.

It would be difficult to find a more highly regarded player on and off the court. Bird is not only a legend for his NCAA prowess and his NBA career, but also his astute execution as a GM in the NBA. He is one of the few players that has succeeded at every level and maintained the highest levels of integrity. 

Sculptor Bill Wolfe has insisted his Larry Bird statue must be taller than Michigan State’s Magic Johnson statue. Apparently, some rivalries never die. 

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