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Houston Rockets Unveil Plans for Huge Scoreboard

Houston Rockets Unveil Plans for Huge Scoreboard

Hoopsvibe’s quick call:  Sitting in the cheap seats at the Toyota Center will no longer be an issue.

The scoreboard, which is said to be 25 feet high by 58 feet wide, will offer fans a revolutionary viewing experience.  Fans will be able to view all of the action from anywhere, as the scoreboard will provide video image that is 600% larger than the old scoreboard and will feature an array of statistics, replays and live coverage (among other things).

Manufactured and installed by Panasonic, the new scoreboard will be the largest center-hung scoreboard in the U.S.  (Note:  The new scoreboard in the Cowbows stadium in Arlington is bigger but it isn’t technically indoor or center hung.  Regardless, they clearly love the huge scoreboard concept in Texas).

The scoreboard will be fully presented in HD with 1080 resolution.

But the scoreboard alone isn’t the only improvement the Rockets organization is making to the Toyota Center.  The franchise also plans to improve the arena dramatically in other areas, including the installation of HD flat-screen TV’s throughout the concourse and more Wi-Fi connectivity options for fans and patrons.

“Our fans in all locations will have the opportunity to experience Rockets games, and other events, like never before.  Our new Wi-Fi data network will allow fans to stay connected and the upgraded concessions network will make ordering of food and beverage items faster and more efficient.  These improvements, along with many others, will provide Toyota Center patrons with an unmatched in arena experience for many years to come,” said Houston Rockets Executive Officer Tad Brown.

The Rockets plan to have all of their state-of-the-art upgrades, including the massive scoreboard, installed by their November 3rd home opener against the Trail Blazers.

It’s looking like Linsanity isn’t the only thing to be excited about in Houston.

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