Thursday , Sep , 06 , 2012 Paul Eide

Linsanity Visits Taiwan, Gets Captured On Video

A video has emerged showing Jeremy Lin on his recent visit to Taiwan.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: The best part is when Lin and David Lee play in a random pick-up game.

Thoughts from the video:

– Jeremy Lin’s trainer looks more like Jeremy Lin than Jeremy Lin’s brother does.

– David Lee provides the comic relief and does a great job. Not only that, but he looks absolutely huge and finishes with an array of nice dunks. But why were he and Lin allowed on the same team versus random scrubs?

– It’s cool to see how well-received Lin is the minute he arrives (not dissimilar to the Beatles arriving in England during their heyday.). It really shows you what a hoops hot-bed Taiwan has become.

– The music is weird and way too oppressive. It’s like the producer was trying to make this into some seminal “moment” rather than a cool experience for everyone involved at a local court.

– Could’ve done without the “Woe is me, I can’t leave my hotel because I’m so famous” bit in the hotel prior to ventuing out to play basketball. You’d really prefer to be in the D League still, not being a millionaire? Please.

– There was so much product placement (the obvious “Nike Basketball” shirt that is the only thing you can see on Lin’s body once the Hello Kitty head is in use, teh endless cell phones used to record the “impromptu pick-up game) that you forget what you’re even watching.

– Is it me, or did Lin take three steps on the dunk at roughly 4:18?

– At the end of the video. Lin signs and then tosses his shoes into the crowd that had assembled. It was funny to see a girl in a LeBron Cavs jersey shriek over catching one of his smelly shoes.

While the video is somewhat cool, it’s a pretty obvious attempt to replicate Kyrie Irving’s visit to a local basketball court (and the viral buzz it created) to play basketball disguised as an elderly man. Lin’s spot was too heavily produced to be as cool as Irving’s and if you need proof, the producer was nice enough to give us his name and Twitter address at the end.

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Image Credit: WENN Images