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Isiah Thomas Back In Knicks Plans?

Knicks owner James Dolan had a "business meeting" with Isiah Thomas yesterday.

HoopVibe Very Quick Call: It’s hard to understand the love affair between Dolan and "Zeke".

The meeting between Dolan and Thomas occurred at NY’s Mandarin Hotel and interestingly took place two days after the resignation of MSG sports president Scott O’Neil, who was rumored to be the main person continually convincing Dolan rehiring Thomas wasn’t a good move for the organization. Why would he even need to be convinced over and over consdiering how negatively Thomas affected the Knicks previously? Why does Dolan continually have the urge to get Thomas back with the Knicks in some capacity? 

Another question is, how did he even get the job at Florida International University, the one he got fired from less than a year ago? I can understand the draw of his name in terms of recruiting and if you’re the AD at FIU it’s worth a shot for name recognition alone. But after three years he accumulated a 26-65 record and was fired.

Isn’t his track record obvious at this point? It took five years after he was fired by the Knicks for them to be a functional, playoff calibur team agin. Thomas has had a very small role with thie Knicks over the last year as a "special advisor", that’s as close enough to the franchise as he needs to be, considering what he did to the team on the court (handing out ridiculous max contracts to marginal talent) and what he did in the office (guilty of sexual harassment that the Knicks had to pay for).

If Dolan hires Thomas again, it would be a pretty hard pill to swallow for Knicks fans.


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