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Griffin’s Knee Is Healthy, This Dunk Proves It

Blake Griffin dunks on University of Oklahoma freshman Buddy Hield- Hard

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: Judging by this dunk Clippers fans have nothing to worry about.

Blake Griffin dunking

This dunk occurred last week when Griffin was on campus doing rehab work on the torn meniscus in his knee that he injured back in July while training for the upcoming Olympics as part of Team USA. Apparently, Hield joked that he could stop Griffin from dunking, in a one on one showdown in front of the OU basketball squad. Check out what happens below:

WOW- Griffin brings the thunder like he always does, showing no ill affects of having knee surgery two months ago.It’s pretty amazing how far the science of knee surgery has come and what an athletic freak Blake Griffin is.

There have been plenty of people talking about Griffin falling off thanks to the knee injury, and his history of injuries to this point in his NBA career. Those are the same people that say Griffin is a one-trick pony who can only dunk or out leap defenders. But is there really anything wrong with that at this point in his career? Sure, as he gets older his game will need to evolve but that is still several years down the road. It reminds me of when people would hate on a young Shaquille O’Neal and say basically the same thing. But in the latter stages of his career he actually developed a nice touch around the basket. SImilar to Shaq though, Griffin needs to improve his free throw shooting which after two years is hovering at just under 60%.

With dunks like that happening this soon prior to the season starting, Clippers fans have a lot to be excited about.


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Image Credit: WENN Images