Wednesday , Oct , 17 , 2012 Andrew Flint

Rumor: NBA To Crack Down On Pregame Rituals

Will NBA kill the fun in celebrations and pregame rituals like the NFL?

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: If the NBA could learn anything from the NFL it’s to let the players have fun.

Rumor: NBA To Crack Down On Pregame Rituals

The NBA will be putting in place a new rule to crack down on pregame rituals this season. Apparently, the NBA has been upset with the lengthening of pregame handshakes and theatrics like LeBron’s powder toss. Some players like Kevin Durant have already come out saying that they dislike this new rule and think every player is entitled to their own pregame rituals.

In the past we’ve seen elaborate team comedic sketches that many feel reflect the personality of the team as well as its stars. Many players feel like this is a way for them to have fun. The crowds usually love it and often the antics end up on Sports Center. In a league where it feels like someone is getting into trouble every other day, why not let players keep one of the few creative outlets they have to both entertain their rabid fans and show themselves in another light.

For me this feels like the NFL regulating no touchdown celebrations, a rule I think most fans can agree was a horrible decision. It’s the type of rule that simply sucks the fun out of the game. After all, the game is not simply what takes place between tip-off and the final whistle. The fans want to see their favorite players rituals, introduction sketches, and wacky celebrations. They learn them, mimic them, and often they become just as much a part of the NBA culture as anything else. Lets hope not over-regulate the fun right out of the NBA.

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