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Now That The Lakers Fired Mike Brown Who Will Replace Him?

Lakers fire Mike Brown. Who will be new Lakers Coach.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Here’s the short list of the names being tossed around for the job.

The Lakers made it official today that they will be parting ways with Mike Brown. This is nice people talk for you’re fired, get your stuff and leave the facilities. Brown’s head had been rumored to be on the chopping block following the Lakers’ miserable 1-4 start to a season they were expected to dominate. It didn’t help that Brown’s “Princeton” style offense had looked stagnant and his transition defense was possibly the worst in the league.

Now that Brown is out the question turns to who will be the next coach. Laker Nation would love to jump to the Phil Jackson option, but this is likely not on the table. Although I’m sure Jackson is probably the best coach for this team of massive egos and we know Kobe Bryant certainly respects Jackson, all indicators are that Jackson is not looking to come back to the NBA. The years of grueling travel and time away from his family appear to have taken its toll on the Zen Master and he looks to be staying happily retired.

The next name being tossed around is Jerry Sloan. He is known for creating a hard-nosed winning system with the Utah Jazz with far less talent. Yet, that might be Sloan’s biggest weakness. He has had trouble in the past getting along with massive egos like Deron Williams. If he can’t handle Williams’ ego how could he possibly wrangle in Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard. Plus, his personality doesn’t appear to be the best fit for Los Angeles management either, so we see Sloan as a distant second or third option.

The next most likely candidate is Brian Shaw. Shaw was the top option from most Laker players when Phil Jackson retired, but the Lakers’ front office didn’t feel comfortable going with a relatively unknown commodity even if he was within their own system. Shaw is currently an assistant coach for the Indiana Pacers, but we’re pretty confident he’d hop out of that contract for an opportunity to be the head coach of the Lakers. The biggest obstacle for Shaw is he’s never been a head coach before, but the biggest upside for Shaw is he’s familiar with Jackson’s system and most of the Laker players. He has their respect and would be a known commodity. Whoever takes over the job, expect incredible pressure and a very short leash.

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