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Phil Jackson To Coach Lakers?

Here he comes to save the day.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: It’s almost too perfect.


Rumor is that Phil Jackson is very close to becoming the Lakers next head coach after the firing of Mike Brown yesterday. The deal is rumored to be a two year deal.

How perfect is this for Jackson? He inherits easily the most talented squad in the NBA, yet lacks flow to the extreme- a Jackson staple. It would be his third time as the Lakers head coach, winning a total of five titles.

Interestingly, both Kurt Rambis and Jim Cleamons, Jackson’s longtime assistant coaches, are also not coaching for any other teams currently, and could rejoin Phil as assistants ASAP.

On Friday night the Lakers spanked the Golden State Warriors 101-77 under assistant Bernie Bickerstaff after ditching the ridiculous "Princeton Offense" installed by Brown. If Bickerstaff can turn the squadron around that quickly, just imagine what Phil Jackson could do.

But, on the other side of the coin, remember when the Jackson left the Lakers just over a year ago because he was physically run down, because his ailing back had sapped him of energy and strength? A year off would certainly help anyone regenerate, but how much does he have in him? 

Also a year ago, remember when Jackson was rumored to be the man for the Knicks job, post D’Antoni? Does Jackson still have the same spark? In his defense, the Knicks were rebuilding while the Lakers are still the Western Conference favorites to make the Finals.

Jackson finds himself in an ideal position. If the Lakers sign anyone other than him at this point, the fanbase will go ape- Jerry Buss knows this, which means it seems likely Jackson could essentially name his salary to come back to LA.

Who would’ve thought this scenario would have been feasible even two weeks ago? Now, it seems almost certain to happen.

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