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Rajon Rondo Sets NBA Record

Rajon Rondo Set NBA Assist Record

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: 

Rajon Rondo set a new assist record in the NBA this week. No, it wasn’t for most assists in a game, season, or career. It was the most consecutive games with 11 assists or more. Rondo is now at 28 consecutive games with 11 assists or more, which is the new NBA record. 

Rondo tied John Stockton’s previous record of 27 consecutive games and it looked like that was where the streak was going to end when Rondo was credited with only 10 assists against the Milwaukee Bucks this week, but upon review the league discovered a missing assist for the Bucks game that boosts Rondo to 28. 

The Celtics are currently 4-3 on the season and Rondo is averaging 13 assists per game on the season. He’s also going for 15 points per game, but the Boston offense continues to struggle at times. The absence of Ray Allen is definitely felt on the offensive side of the court where they could rely on him for point production. This season Rondo is really the first option in an offense that needs more option. The Celtics remain competitive, but will need Rondo continuing to dish out those dimes to remain in the hunt.

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Photo Credit: Celtics Life