Tuesday , Dec , 25 , 2012 Andrew Flint

Tracy Morgan Hates Jeremy Lin

Tracy Morgan really hates Jeremy Lin.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Morgan was caught heckling the hell out of Jeremy Lin at MSG. Good thing for Lin and the Rockets Morgan sucks at heckling.

When Jeremy Lin and the Houston Rockets rolled into Madison Square Garden to play the New York Knicks it was a showdown of sorts. This was Jeremy LIn’s homecoming to the city that made LInsanity a household word. Everyone wanted to know both how the New York fans would receive Lin and how Lin would perform under the pressure.

Tracy Morgan a die hard New York Knicks fan was front and center trying to give his Knicks an edge. He reportedly heckled Jeremy Lin from the opening tip and never let up. Unfortunately for the Knicks Morgan’s heckling is on par with my 8-year old nephews heckling. Playful and confused are possibly the best words to describe it. 

In one exchange Morgan yelled out, Hey, Jeremy! How about the Knicks? Best record in the East!” That’s not really a heckle Tracy. That’s simply a well understood fact to anyone that follows basketball. Was that supposed to throw Lin off his game? What was the outcome Morgan expected from taunting Lin with it. Did he envision Lin getting confused, losing his focus, and missing his next 10 shots as he ran the math in his head on how the Knicks might slip in the standings? 

In the end Lin had a great game going for 22 points and 8 assists as the Rockets topped the Knicks 109-96. Next time lets leave the heckling to Spike Lee. Woops, he doesn’t seem to do too well either. How about you just sit there, shutup and watch the game for a change. Hmm, now that might be the real secret to some Knicks’ success. 

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