Thursday , Jan , 03 , 2013 Andrew Flint

Kevin Durant Ejected From First Game Ever (Video).

Kevin Durant earns his first ever NBA ejection for cussing out a ref.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Durant called it a bad call after the game and still wouldn’t make nice. I think he’s right.

Kevin Durant is known as one of the calmest most levelheaded players in the league. He almost never argues calls with refs or talks smack on the court. Well, even the Zen of Durant has a bad day. Late in a game already out-of-hand against the Brooklyn Nets Durant lost it. When he argued an offensive call against Oklahoma City was quickly called for a technical foul and another one seconds later. This earned him his first NBA ejection. 

Kendrick Perkins had bee called for an illegal screen just moments before and it looked like referee Danny Crawford didn’t like the looks of this OKC screen either. The technical fouls that follow the initial debatable offensive foul look justified seeing as Durant yelled at Crawford and flailed his arms in disgust. He only cusses the ref out after he’s already been ejected. It’s definitely one of the more tame NBA ejections we’ve seen. Players have gotten away with a lot more without getting tossed.

The Nets won the game 110-93 and Durant finished with 27 points.

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