Tuesday , Jan , 22 , 2013 Andrew Flint

Clark “Permanently” Replaces Gasol As Lakers Starter

Earl Clark “permanently” replaced Pau Gasol as the Lakers starter according to D’Antoni.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Could things get any weirder in LA right now? This is like watching a car wreck in slow motion.

Clark “Permanently” Replaces Gasol As Lakers Starter

We know this sounds crazy, but it is being reported coming out of Laker Nation that Earl Clark is the new starter for the Lakers moving forward and Pau Gasol will come off the bench.

According to Lakers beat writer Kevin Ding: “Pau Gasol is out as Lakers’ starter, Mike D’Antoni said. Permanently.

Lakers beat writer Mike Trudell reported that “Pau Gasol will come off the bench tonight to maximize his time at center, his best position, said Mike D’Antoni. Earl Clark will start. [Lakers coach Mike] D’Antoni feels the Lakers are best when playing smaller, and thinks it can work better with Gasol punishing second units.”

Realistically, this may be the best way for the Lakers to fit their talent into D’Antoni’s system. This only demonstrates what a horrible fit D’Antoni and his system of offense and nonexistent defense is for the Lakers. Now they have to sit one of the best big men in the game to try and make it work? Does anyone on planet earth see the Lakers winning with Clark as their center?