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Jim And Jeanie Buss Haven’t Spoken Since Lakers Didn’t Offer Jackson Coaching Job.

Jim and Jeanie Buss are no longer on speaking terms following the handling of Phil Jackson not being hired.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: If it’s any consolation for Phil and Jeanie, they appear to be getting their revenge simply by watching Jim Buss run the Lakers into the ground.

When the Lakers fired Mike Brown this season after only five games, Laker Nation was screaming for the return of Phil Jackson. Negotiations were said to be underway to make Jackson’s return to the Lakers a foregone conclusion. Yet, the following morning Jackson was as surprised as anyone when he found out by reading the newspaper that the Lakers had hired Mike D’Antoni.

It’s no secret that Phil Jackson and Jeanie Buss had been dating for years. They actually got engaged after this incident took place. Apparently, Jeanie Buss didn’t appreciate the way her brother Jim handled the hiring of D’Antoni over Jackson and this has created a riff in the family.

Jim and Jeanie Buss haven’t spoken since the incident and are reported to be on bad terms. Jeanie feels like Jackson was treated poorly by an organization he has always been loyal to. She also felt like the fact that Jackson was soon to be her husband should further ensure he shouldn’t find out about his not being hired in the paper.

In these types of family feuds it’s always hard to say who’s right and who’s wrong. As they say, there are three sides to every argument. His side, her side, and the truth. Regardless if Jeanie and Jackson feel slighted by Jim Buss or not, it appears Jeanie and Jackson are getting the last laugh. Jim Buss was the sole decider to go with Mike D’Antoni over Jackson. A decision I’m sure he’s lived to regret. The Lakers suck. They arguably have more talent than any other team in the NBA in their starting five and won’t make the playoffs. Sounds like a classic case of management thinking they know how to coach.

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