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Fan Raising $1 Million To Get LeBron James Into Dunk Contest

The dunk contest needs a shot in the arm and “King James” would be a godsend. 

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: It would be so much easier to stop hating LeBron if he did the fans a solid.

A fan named Chris Thomas started a effort to raise a million dollars which he will donate to LBJ’s charity if LBJ appears in the dunk contest this year. And I have to say, Chris Thomas is on to something; the dunk contest is on life support and needs King James to save it.

Boy, does the dunk contest sure suck these days. Just absolutely pathetic. It used to be the crown jewel of the NBA’s annual all-star festivites but for around the last 15 years (with the lone exception being Vince Carter v Tracy McGrady v Stevie Franchise) has been living off of the reputation built by the previous two decades.

Quick- who won the dunk contest last year? No idea? Me neither, I had to Google it. Some dude named Jeremy Evans. A good way to gauge how far this contest has fallen is to look at a list of the recent competitors. Chase Budinger. Rudy Fernandez (WTF?). Paul George. Jamario Moon. The list goes on and on and gets crappier.

I have to admit though, I am somewhat jaded after recently watching Super Slams of the NBA part one and two, thanks to the magic of Netflix. And sure, every dunk contest had its share of Terence Stansbury’s or Doug West’s, guys that seemed like they belonged in the contest but didn’t. But what those early contests had that none in recent memory have had is big-name players going head to head. The dunk contest used to have superstars going toe to toe. Jordan vs. Nique.  Larry Nance v Dr. J. Jordan vs. Clyde “The Glide”.  No matter how popular the player, they wanted to beat the other guy of comparable skill level, to beat their opponent, even more than they wanted to win the contest.

That doesn’t exist anymore. So you get bullshit final rounds like Chase Budinger vs Jeremy Evans; who cares about that? Seriously, who watched that? The league tries to get people to care by making fan voting via the internet the deciding vote, but that just shows how desperate the league is, and how much it’s struggling, to keep this event alive/relevant.

Or, could it be, that every dunk a mortal man can conceive of has been done- That there are no more dunks yet to be discovered? “Dad, what was the dunk contest like?”

Also, can we scrap all the format adjustments that the league started in the early 90’s? I want one dunk at a time; not 2 in 90 seconds, that kills drama and ingenuity as guys panic.

The dunk contest is on its last leg and getting LeBron James involved is the only thing that can save it.

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