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Are Dominant Point Guards The New Dominant Centers? Top 10 PG Power Ratings

Chris Paul solidified his place as the league’s #1 point guard by winning the MVP award in the All-Star game last weekend.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: Other than Paul at #1, it’s a crap shoot after that.

For years, the prevailing thought amongst NBA GM’s was that you had to have a big man to win a title. But now, and in large part due to the downward spiral of Greg Oden, teams have gotten away from that philosophy. The play of Dwight Howard and lack of play by Andrew Bynum, the two best bigs after last season, further emphasizes this.

Reading this list makes you realize pretty quick how few great/game-changing PG’s there are in the NBA currently – coming up with the first four is easy, ranking after that is hard- but there are still more of them than centers. Additionally, the best teams in the NBA this season have the best point guards in the league, especially if you want to quantify LeBron as a PG, which I didn’t for this list.

#2 Rajon Rondo– If Rondo wasn’t hurt, Paul’s grip on the top spot wouldn’t be so unquestioned. Even with the injury, Rondo still leads the NBA in assists per game by almost two per game over Paul in second. Rondo’s injury shows how big a gap in talent there is from Paul compared to everyone else.

#3 Tony Parker– Parker is such an enigma. He doesn’t do one thing incredibly well, he has no signiture move, but he is great at a lot of things. And the Spurs are teh best team in the league…again.

#4 Russell Westbrook– Why does it seem like it’s cool to overlook this guy as an elite NBA point guard? I wasn’t completely convinced until last years playoff run and Finals performance, but as it stands he is probably the most dynamic player on this list.

#5 Jrue Holiday– With Bynum out all year, Holiday has stepped up in his place and picked up the slack.

#6 Stephen Curry– Curry’s averaging 21.1 ppg, 6.6 apg, 4.0 rpg and making 3+ three’s a game- and people are still saying he isn’t doing enough. That tells you a lot about how good he can be.

#7 Greivis Vasquez– I would take Vasquez over Deron Williams at this point; is that ridiculous? Currently, he’s third in the league in assists and having a career year.

#8 Deron WIlliams– Williams may be putting up numbers, but he is killing his team. He has proven this year that his shoot first mentality comes at a detriment to those around him. Even saying that, his talent, when focused, is easily top ten and should be higher.

#9 Damian Lillard– The easy choice for Rookie of the Year. The next Westbrook?

#10 Jose Calderon– Hate him if you will, but Calderon puts up numbers night in and night out. Not flashy, just fills up a stat sheet and runs an offense.

So are point guards the new centers in terms of overall value? Changing of the “guard”, anyone?

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