Thursday , Feb , 28 , 2013 Matt Formica

Cuban talks trash on Fisher after he signs with Thunder

If there’s one thing we all know about Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, it’s that the man doesn’t shy away from confrontation.

Hoopsvibe’s quick call:  While I think Cuban has reason to be upset, I think he should’ve been a little classier with recent comments he made about Derek Fisher.

Cuban has been trash talking a few NBA ballers as of late.

The first shot he took was last week and was aimed at Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant.  Click here to read Hoopsvibe News’ article Kobe Bryant Has Message For Mark Cuban.

Well on Wednesday, Cuban’s target was Derek Fisher (Kobe’s former teammate in LA) who signed with the Oklahoma City Thunder on Monday.

To some degree, Cuban has a valid reason to be upset with D-Fish.  Fisher signed with the Mavericks this past November and played 10 games in a Dallas uniform before he encountered a knee problem and asked for a personal release from the team to go back to LA, rehab his injured knee, and work on family issues.

Cuban and the Mavericks granted Fisher’s release request a few days before Christmas.

So when Fisher turned around and signed with the Oklahoma City Thunder on Monday, it clearly bothered Cuban, who was told by D-Fish himself that it was better for Fisher to be near Los Angeles for family and rehabilitation reasons.

The Mavs owner had this to say to the Dallas Morning News on Wednesday:

(Insert sarcastic tone here) … “Look, I understand completely.  From the time Derek was here to his signing with OKC, his kids are older, they can deal with things better.  So I understand him having more comfort being away from them.  A lot can happen in 65 days … It’s easier to fly in and out of Oklahoma City that it is Dallas.  I understand that.  It’s just a decision a parent has to make.  Every parent has difficult decisions to make,” Cuban said.


Now Cuban is clearly upset because Fisher told him he needed to be near LA and then he turned around and signed with OKC, which is almost the exact same distance from LA as Dallas is.  But most of us have to assume (and Cuban knows this as well) that the obvious reason Fisher signed with the Thunder is because he felt they have a better chance of winning a championship than the Mavs do.  And the reality is that Fisher, at 38 years old, probably won’t be playing too much longer.

So does Cuban have a reason to be upset?  Sure.  But I’m not sure I agree with the way he articulated this to the Dallas Morning News.

But what do you think, Hoopsvibers??  Were Cuban’s comments out of line???

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