Wednesday , Mar , 06 , 2013 Hoopsvibe Offers $5 Million To Winner Of Kobe vs. LeBron Dunk Contest. offers $5 million to winner of Kobe vs. LeBron dunk contest.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: The ratings on a dunk contest with Kobe and LeBron going head-to-head would be monumental.

It’s official, we have another significant offer on the table to see a Kobe vs. LeBron dunk contest. The money being added to the pot is $5 million from We already heard rumors that Magic Johnson was willing to put up $1 million to see the matchup. Who else will come forward to force these icons to go head-to-head.

“We at feel it is important for the sport of basketball that Kobe and LeBron face-off in the dunk contest and we want to be part of this historic event. The NBA’s best players used to enter. Jordan versus Dominique had us on the edge of our seats. It would be a shame for these exceptional player to let pride take priority over sportsmanship…” says’s Director of Marketing J.L. Marcoux.

We had HoopsVibe would love to see the dunk contest become relevant again. It used to be one of the marque events of All-Star weekend, but now it’s just an after-thought for second tier players. The last big name player to participate was Blake Griffin, but even then he didn’t have any significant name competition. What the dunk contest lacks is a rivalry. A Kobe vs. LeBron matchup would definitely solve that problem.

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