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Jordan Hill’s friend totals his Bentley over the weekend

Jordan Hill was nice enough to let a friend borrow his Bentley over the weekend, but unfortunately, the friend didn’t return it once piece.

Hoopsvibe’s quick call:  You should never drink and drive.  Especially when it’s not your car.

According to various sources, Michael Lacey, a 26-year old friend of Lakers forward Jordan Hill, wrecked Hill’s Bentley early Saturday morning after crashing it into the condominium complex where Hill lives.  What’s crazy to me is that Lacey managed to drive home without getting into an accident, only to crash INTO A BUILDING at his final destination!  God must have been driving for most of the way there…

Anyway, the good news is, neither Lacey, the female passenger he had with him, or anyone in the immediate area suffered serious injuries; the bad news, Hill’s Bentley was totaled and Lacey was arrested for DUI.

Lacey had apparently been out partying Friday night and using Hill’s Bentley as a joyride around town.  KCAL-9 reported that Hill and Lacey are friends from high school and that when officers showed up at the scene they found Lacey in Hill’s apartment.  After questioning him for a few minutes, the officers booked him for driving under the influence.  Hill was supposedly there when Lacey came home, but

Pretty much, the police could tell that Lacey was drunk.  

Hill, who has been inactive on the Lakers roster while he recovers from hip surgery, was supposedly there when Lacey cam home, but wasn’t implicated in the incident.  (Minus the fact he’ll probably have to pay for the repairs to both the building and his Bentley).

Courtesy of…

A Bentley registered under the name of Lakers forward Jordan Hill crashed into an apartment building in Marina Del Rey early Saturday morning.  The driver of the vehicle, 26-year-old Michael Lacey, was arrested on DUI charges.  There was a female passenger who was not arrested.  The accident happened around 2:21 a.m. in the 13900 block of Marquesas Way.  The vehicle was totaled when it hit the luxury apartment.  L.A. County Fire treated at least one patient on the scene but no one was transported to the hospital.  Neighbors said they saw blood in the complex.

"I heard a loud crash and then a splash," one neighbor said.  "I guess the driver ran away.  There was blood all over the gate that he jumped over."

Sounds like quite the scene.  Let’s recap:

-Hill lets friend borrow Bentley
-Friend parties hard
-Friend crashes Bentley into Hill’s apartment building driving home from party
-Friend runs from totaled car (which is now wrecked in the building) hopping fences while leaving trails of blood everywhere
-Cops show up, find friend in Hill’s apartment and arrest him

Again, thankfully no one was seriously hurt and other than Hill being down a Bentley, he’s not in trouble either.  

He might just be a little more careful next time he lets someone borrow his car.


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