Tuesday , Apr , 02 , 2013 Hoopsvibe

Do The NBA Refs Have Orders To Get the Lakers Into The Playoffs? This Video Is Hard To Argue With.

Video raises legitimate concerns about the recent series of critical game determining calls all in favor of the Lakers.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: It’s tough to watch this video and not conclude the refs have been told LA will make the playoffs.

For years theories have circulated that the NBA influences refs to guide certain teams to win over others. These theories are usually thought of as ridiculous, but the reality is the NBA has a financial interest in who gets into the playoffs and who gets into the finals. Clearly, the NBA would prefer big market teams over small. It’s basic math. Big market teams bring big dollars, while small market teams don’t have the same profit margins.

Referee Tim Donaghy shed a little light on how this NBA influence over games could be accomplished years ago in his book, “Personal Foul.” Donaghy recounted how, he won serveral bets on Lakers games because he knew the league was going to favor their star, Kobe Bryant. According to Donaghy, after David Stern and the NBA came down with their directive, the Lakers won a long string of games and Donaghy won a lot of money betting on those games.

With this said, small market teams like San Antonio have had great success over the last 10 season, while major market teams like the New York Knicks have stunk it up. The theory doesn’t state the NBA throws games. It simply states the refs are told that if a game is close to help the major market team get over the hump. Donaghy told reporters that the NBA does “everything possible” to extend a playoff series and to help big market teams advance. Again, I know it’s a lot to swallow.  I know it sounds ridiculous, but watch the video below. Some of those calls are difficult to explain any other way.


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