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JaVale McGee And Mom Get Reality Show, Chris Bosh Robbed For 340K

Even NBA players aren’t immune from drama, whether they ask for it, or it "appears to be an inside job."

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: How did the thieves NOT steal Bosh’s championship ring? 

JaVale McGee is such a complete maniac, the show is probably worth checking out an episode or two. Remember his infamous triple double?


But based on this press release from Oprah’s network (grammar/punctuation mistakes and all) it sounds like a mix of "The Odd Couple" with a dash of "Basketball Wives".

MILLIONAIRE MAMA’S BOY The new OWN series Millionaire Mama’s Boy explores the dynamic relationship between former WNBA basketball star Pamela McGee and her 25-year-old son, Denver Nuggets center, JaVale McGee. Famous for being domineering on and off the court, Pamela is not only JaVale mom, she also his business manager, working to build an empire while trying to keep a tight rein on the glitz and girls that come with the life of an NBA star. Meanwhile, Pamela managing her own life, which consists of her equally fabulous single girlfriends who also have sons coming up in the league.When Pamela needs someone to laugh with or a shoulder to cry on, she turns to her girls. Like Pamela, they are single mothers raising their sons while dating and chasing their own ambitions. With her hectic schedule, Pamela relies on her Jay to get things done.She trusts him to oversee her mansion, bank accounts and properties. While her friends think there could be a love connection, Pamela and Jay deny it but they certainly fight like a married couple. Like any good mother, Pamela is a force to be reckoned with, and no one is going to stop Mama McGee from taking care of her own. After all, she is basketball royalty herself. They may be crazy, loud and a little wild, but family what it all about for the McGees and their friends. Ultimately, it a show about family, love and the unbreakable bond between a mother and her son all seven feet of him.

 Turning to Bosh, this is from NBC 6 South Florida:

Miami Heat player Chris Bosh and his wife returned home from his 29th birthday party to find they had been robbed of $340,000 worth of jewelry and purses, but his 2012 NBA Championship ring was left untouched, Miami Beach Police said Thursday.

Bosh and his wife had left their two children and a teenager at home with two babysitters at 7:30 p.m. and they headed out to celebrate his birthday at Briza on the Bay on Bayshore Drive in Miami, the case report said. The Moroccan themed party included belly dancers and fire breathers. And a camel named Henri greeted guests. The festivities started at 9 p.m.

When the Boshes got home, they realized their closet had been ransacked, police said. Bosh contacted his security director and assistant..

No one who was home heard anything, and apparently the thieves handpicked the items they were stealing, police said. There was no sign of forced entry into the home.

Bosh’s Championship ring was spared, but they took what they wanted from jewelry box, including watches and rings, police said. Bosh’s wife said purses totaling about $155,000 were taken, along with $15,000 cash and 12 watches worth $300,000. "We are leaning on the side of this being an inside job," said Miami Beach Police spokesman Bobby Hernandez.

It sounds like most of the stuff belonged to his wife. And if the championship ring wasn’t stolen, then his birthday wasn’t a complete downer.

I think it was the housekeeper, in the Conservatory, with the lead pipe.  A little Clue humor for all the old guys.



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