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Evans Tooth Knocked Out. Bosh And Popovich Robbed In The Same Week.

Reggie Evans has his tooth knocked out as Popovich and Bosh are robbed in the same week.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Life in the NBA’s not just physical, but dangerous.

Reggie Evans is known to be a tough hard-nosed player. He proved that this weekend when the Brooklyn Nets took on the Charlotte Bobcats. Evans proceeded to have his tooth knocked out of his mouth and didn’t even stop playing. He stayed in the play, fought for the rebound, played the next possession and didn’t stop until it was an official’s timeout was called due to the blood. See the video. This is one tough baller.

Gregg Popovich and Chris Bosh both had their houses robbed this week. Popovich had his Air Force class ring taken, his wife’s diamond bracelet and other valuables. Chris Bosh appears to have been hit even harder. Bosh is reporting jewelry losses totaling $350,000. Perhaps, the most embarrassing part of Bosh’s robbery was that it took place while he was out celebrating his birthday. 

Popovich’s burglary appears to be connected with an 11 house robbery spree in the housing development he lives in, while Bosh’s appears to be more of a personally targeted attack. I’m sure both men are heavily insured, so perhaps the biggest losses are items with sentimental value like Pop’s class ring. Either way, it always sucks to be the victim of crime.

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