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Should Kobe Bryant tweeting during Lakers playoff games even matter?

While the Lakers were battling the Spurs on the court in Game 1 of the first round of the playoffs on Sunday, Kobe Bryant was playing Twitter-coach from his Orange County pad.

Hoopsvibe’s quick call:  It was pretty obvious in the post game press conference that Lakers Coach Mike D’Antoni wasn’t a fan of Kobe’s tweets.  Wonder how Phil would’ve handled it?

It’s kind of an awkward thing, really.  The Lakers are playing in a tough game against the Spurs and Kobe’s watching it at home, x miles from San Antonio, nursing a torn achilles, and essentially coaching the game via Twitter.  You can make the argument that Kobe is Kobe.  He has been the Lakers franchise player for 17 years; and like him or not, he’s done a lot for the organization; If he wants to tweet shit during a playoff game, then so be it.  Others might argue that rapid fire tweeting during the game might have been more of a distraction than anything.  It’s tough to say.

The reality is (as we all know), we live in a world where social media and technology are dominant.  But there’s a time and a place for everything, and I’m not so sure how much Kobe Tweeting helped the cause Sunday night.  The Lakers lost game one 91-79.  Then again, I wonder if the players even knew of Kobe’s Tweets as they were happening.  Does it really even matter at the end of the day?

Regardless, if you watched the post game press conference with Coach D’Antoni, it was pretty easy to see from D’Antoni’s facial expressions that he wasn’t too stoked on #mambatweets.

When asked if he was cool with Kobe’s tweet game, D’Antoni smiled and rolled his eyes.  “It’s great to have that commentary,” he said.  “He’s a fan.  He’s a fan right now.”

Kobe tweeted “A fan?? lol.” in response.

It was obvious, though, that D’Antoni didn’t care for the commentary.  And I’m not saying Kobe’s tweets are a big deal, but the world we live in is crazy.  You would have never seen a star player coaching via Twitter a few years ago.  We still don’t see it that often today.

What are your thoughts? … Should Kobe be tweeting so ferociously during games?  Do you think his tweets help or harm?  Leave your comments below!

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