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Lil Wayne Crushing On Female Baller Skylar Diggins

Lil Wayn Wants Some Skylar Diggins.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Weezy’s not even being subtle about this one. He wants him some Skylar Diggins in the worst way.

It’s no secret that Lil Wayne has a huge crush on Notre Dame point guard Skylar Diggins? Who can blame him? Diggins is largely regarded as one of the hottest women ballers in the country. 

Weezy’s already sported a Diggins jersey at a concert and tweeted his support and affection toward the Notre Dame star. He tweeted, “Good Luck To my Wife Skylar Diggins and the Fighting Irish.” Diggins apparently feeling it was all in good spirits tweeted back “HaHa Thanks Wayne! Mmmuah to my husband!”

Skylar had this to say about the incident, “I didn’t know I was married. That’s part of it too I guess. The social media – before the tournament started, I had 5,000 followers now I have 34,000. So a lot of people must have been watching college basketball. Taht just says a lot about women’s college basketball. You’ve got the best rapper alive tweeting to you and not just to you, but good luck to the Fighting Irish. That says a lot.”

I’m sure Weezy appreciates Skylar’s nod to him being the best rapper in the game and her playful tweet calling him her husband. The tweet flirting between the two of them has only increased.

Weezy’s tweeted things like, “I’m on my @skydigg4 sh!t” and “Wifey! Yo uare a winner in my book regardless.” He even tweeted Saw highlights of @SkyDigg4 last night … thank God for the rewind button on the Direkk TV remote.”

Skylar has been flirting right back too with tweets like “Def going to see @drakkardnoir in concert Feb 18th in Columbus! I wonder if @LilTunechi is coming hahahaha lemme stop”

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