Saturday , May , 11 , 2013 Andrew Flint

Nazr Mohammed Gets Ejected For Trying To Fight James (video).

The Bulls and Heat get physical as Mohammed tries to pick a fight with LeBron James and gets ejected (video).

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: James looks more shocked than pissed, but this one got feisty quick.

You know it’s playoff time when NBA players start playing defense and caring about games in the first half. Last night, Chicago and Miami went to battle in game 3 of their matchup. This is known to be a physical series, but Nazr Mohammed took it to another level by blatantly shoving LeBron James to the ground. 

James had been handed a debatable technical foul before the shove by whom else, but Joey Crawford. Crawford has had entire articles written about him before and is in the spotlight for being a sketchy ref quite a lot. The shove to LBJ starts the excitement and eventual ejection of Mohammed. Yes, it is definitely the NBA playoffs people and competition is at its highest.

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