Friday , May , 24 , 2013 Matt Formica

Dwyane Wade’s Gatorade refridgerator (IMAGE)

Ever since he went off in the 2006 NBA Playoffs and led the Heat to an NBA Championship, Dwyane Wade has been my favorite player.

Hoopsvibe’s quick call:  With a gatorade refridgerator like D-Wade has, you’d never get dehydrated.

In case you don’t follow D-Wade on Twitter or Instagram, the dude seems to absolutely love gatorade and has an entire refridgerator in his house devoted to the sports drink. He’s also sponsored by them and has a few sons that most likely love the stuff too.

I would too if I was ballin’ like he is.  (See the picture below that Wade tweeted a few days ago).

"Just came home to a packed #gatorade machine…I give it 2weeks b4 we need a refill..#kidsdrinkupeverything" Wade posted.

Hopefully Wade is plenty hydrated for Friday night’s game 2 against Indiana.  After Lebron’s game winner in OT in game 1, game 2 is sure to be another good one.  Tune in now.

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