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2-Year Old Ties Kobe In Shooting Competition (Not A Joke).

Kobe Bryant takes on a 2-year old shooting and doesn't win.

HoopsVibe's Very Quick Call: I know it's only for fun and I know it means nothing, but you know Michael Jordan would never have lost to that kid.

2-Year Old Ties Kobe In Shooting Competition (Not A Joke).

It is great to see Kobe out having fun and not taking himself too seriously. I also appreciate the fact that letting a little kid win is a nice thing to do, but I don't think that's what happened here. Yes, Kobe had a funny joke after he stunk it up shooting saying, "I was fouled," but deep down you know he was pissed.

I could never see Michael Jordan losing a competition like this. Michael would win even if he were playing against a 2-year old. He would demolish the kid dropping 12 buckets and then flash that winning smile and make us all love him even though he beat a child. Kobe is trying to play the role of the laid-back baller, but deep down it's simply not who he is or ever will be. 

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