Wednesday , Jun , 26 , 2013 Matt Formica

Trade rumor: Blake Griffin for Dwight Howard?

While it has been an accepted notion that same town rivals, the Lakers and the Clippers, never do business together, that may not be the case this offseason.

Hoopsvibe's quick call:  Blake Griffin and Dwight Howard swapping LA squads would be a pretty exciting move for basketball.

Blake Griffin Dwight Howard trade

Last week, it was reported that the Lakers and Clippers were in talks to send Lakers big man Dwight Howard to the Clippers in return for their big fella, Blake Griffin.  Then the subject came up again yesterday during an episode of ESPN's Pardon the Interruption (PTI) and today, the Clippers officially signed former Celtics coach Doc Rivers to be their new head coach.  So it got me thinking … This trade might be more of a reality than we think.

The Lakers would get rid of Howard in return for Griffin and Drew Bledsoe, according to rumors.  The Lakers have been confident after several discussions with Superman that he will stay a Laker, but if history is any indicator, that doesn't mean all that much.  Not to mention, we all know Dwight loves LA, so if he wanted to leave the purple and gold for any team, the Clippers make a lot of sense.

Additionally, getting a younger, faster guard in Bledsoe along with a premier big (Griffin) that he's used to playing with, might just bring an energy and cohesion to the Lakeshow that they lacked this past season.  Especially considering the fact that Kobe Bryant will be out with an achilles injury for the majority, if not all of the year.

But then again, could the Lakers really allow Howard (the new future of their franchise) to leave for their crosstown rivals and join Chris Paul, after the NBA essentially vetoed that same deal for them a few seasons back?  Only time (anytime after July 1st that is) will tell.

As a fan, it'd be pretty cool to see Griffin and Howard swap jerseys but stay in the same city.

Stay tuned for another interesting offseason in LALA Land.

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