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Brandon Jennings Gets Smacked In Face During Drew League Game (Video)

Brandon Jennings' career has elicited a lot of hate from NBA fans during his four years in the league.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: One former NBA player lived out the fantasy of many a Bucks supporter. 


In the middle of a semifinal game of the renown Drew League in Los Angeles, former LA Clippers player Mike Taylor got into a verbal altercation with Jennings. After Taylor made a layup in the vicinity of Jennings, he stared down Jennings as he back-peddled down the floor and made his hand into the shape of a gun, while simulating applying a clip into the gun with his other hand. Jennings took exception and got into his face.

After a couple players got in between the players, Taylor smacked Jennings in the face with an open hand. Check out the video below, around the :58 second mark:

Taylor was kicked out of the game and Jennings' squad eventually lost.

Why does everyone hate Brandon Jennings? The purists don't like him because he's a point guard who never met a shot he didn't like, a straight up gunner in the vein of Allen Iverson. Sure he shoots a lot, and doesn't have a great shooting percentage (.394% for his career) but he is an energy player that changes the flow of a game.

Jennings needs his shots to get going, but he has shown that he has the skills to go off. For what it's worth, he averaged a career high 6.5 apg last season for a Bucks team that lacked talent.

I still remember when he went off for 55 during his rookie season, displaying every facet of his game:

He will have a chance to punish the Bucks, a common Central Division foe, now that he has setup shop in Detroit with the Pistons.

Why do YOU hate Brandon Jennings – does he shoot too much?

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