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Heat’s Chris Andersen Hooked Up With Fan, Had Identity Stolen, Cleared Of All Charges

The "Bridman" got scammed by a 17-year-old posing as a 21 year-old, and then got his identity stolen by a different woman in Canada.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: The way law enforcement intervened, may be the coolest/weirdest thing ever.

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Sports Illustrated released an entire article detailing the strange sequence of events, the details of which which initially began to emerge while Andersen played for the Denver Nuggets, when he was curiously and conspicuously absent from the playoff run of 2011-12. Now, we know why.

From the article:

At some point during his tenure with the Nuggets, Andersen had a consensual sexual relationship with a woman from California. Though she had allegedly misrepresented her age to Andersen, he appears to have broken no laws in Colorado, where the statutory age of consent is 17.

Concurrent with that, Andersen was the victim of cyber identity theft at the hands of a different woman in Canada. The identity thief was able to access Andersen's email, social media outlets, his phone, bank records, and even his video game console.

Posing as Andersen, the Canadian woman allegedly orchestrated the initial tryst between the player and the California woman. She then began communicating and corresponding with the woman from California. At one point, representing herself as Andersen, the imposter began making demands — some of them, sources say, sexually explicit — of the California woman.

The woman believed that it was Andersen making the demands and felt increasingly threatened. Eventually she went to the authorities. The sexually suggestive threats triggered the investigation of the Internet Crimes Against Children unit. When Douglas County Sheriff's office executed its search warrant on Andersen's home in Larkspur, Colorado, 40 miles south of Denver, police took his computer and other electronic equipment.

Investigators in the U.S. and Canada worked to connect dots, they amassed more than 4,000 pages of documents and found tentacles in multiple states. According to sources, there were allegedly multiple victims in multiple states — and may be other athletes whose identities were involved — but investigators believe one woman is at the center of it all.

According to Sergeant Line Karpish, spokeswoman with the RCMP, on January 15, 2013, Canadian police arrested a 29-year-old Manitoba woman in Canada for crimes in that country. She was charged with:

• Possession of child pornography

• Personation

• Extortion

• Transmission of Child Pornography

• Utter Threats

Today, Andersen was cleared of any wrong doing in an announcement made by his friend, lawyer and agent, Mark Bryant.

"It is my understanding that the investigation is fully culminated at this juncture," Bryant said today. "What I can disclose to you is that the Douglas County Sheriff's Office and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have completed an extensive investigation and put together extraordinary effort to follow what I can only describe as a Daisy chain of events across several states and two countries."

"I can't tell you how much Chris agonized over the label placed on him," said Bryant. "This has had an extraordinary effect on Chris … He appreciates those who reserved judgment. He will continue to do what he's always done in life and that's turn something bad hopefully into something good."







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