Thursday , Feb , 26 , 2004 C.Y. Ellis

NBA admits missed call in Lakers-Nuggets game

=== NBA admits missed call in Lakers-Nuggets game ===

New York, NY (Sports Network) – The NBA and senior vice president Stu Jackson
admitted Thursday that the officials made a mistake in the final 60 seconds of
the Los Angeles Lakers’ 112-111 win over Denver at the Pepsi Center.

The Nuggets held a 111-109 lead in Wednesday night’s game, as Denver point
guard Andre Miller ran the shot clock down and fired up a jumper that seemed
to brush the bottom of the rim. Carmelo Anthony raced in and grabbed the
rebound, but the officials blew the whistle for a shot-clock violation.

After a brief discussion, the officials told both head coaches that it was an
inadvertent whistle and ruled for a jump ball at midcourt.

“That call was incorrect because the ball, in fact, hit the rim,” Jackson
said. “Once play was stopped, the game officials made the correct ruling by
resuming play with a jump ball at midcourt. This was an unfortunate call at a
highly critical point in the game, and we very much regret the error.”

Shaquille O’Neal won the tip for Los Angeles and the Lakers went down the
court, where Kareem Rush drained a game-winning three-pointer with only 3.2
seconds remaining.