Thursday , Jan , 20 , 2005 C.Y. Ellis

McGrady sued by former employee over dog bite

Orlando, FL (Sports Network) – Houston Rockets guard Tracy McGrady is being
sued by a former maintenance worker on his property who was attacked and
disfigured by his Rottweiler last year.

Fred Chamberlin lost the tip of his nose in the August 25 attack, which
occurred in McGrady’s 18,000-square-foot mansion. The lawsuit, asking for
unspecified damages, was filed Wednesday in Orange County Circuit Court.

Chamberlain, 57, was employed by McGrady at the time of the incident as a home
maintenance engineer.

The basketball star has acknowledged that his dog, Max, did indeed attack
Chamberlain. McGrady stated that Max is a “very vicious dog”, but he also
added that it is usually very nice.

According to Chamberlin’s attorney, the plaintiff was attacked on the second
floor of the mansion after climbing a flight of stairs. When Max jumped him,
Chamberlin fell backward down the 11 stairs, leaving him with ringing in his

McGrady will face his former team, the Orlando Magic, for the first time this
evening since demanding a trade over the summer.