Monday , Aug , 28 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

Iverson’s mom becomes owner of ABA team

NBA superstar Allen Iverson’s mom has become the owner of an ABA franchise. The city is Richmond and the nickname isn’t known yet.

As you probably watched the Sixers games, Ann Iverson sits in the first row, wearing an Iverson jersey and carrying some glitter-encrusted sign that indicates the joy that her baby brings her. She makes herself easy to notice.

ABA teams play a 36-game schedule.

A franchise costs $20,000, but needs about $400,000 for operating costs, minority owner and general manager George Christopher said. Each team has a roster of 10-12 players and a $160,000 salary cap.

Richmond had an ABA team last season, the Generals, but it didn’t succeed.

The league has seen many teams come and go since it started in 2000.