Tuesday , Mar , 27 , 2007 C.Y. Ellis

The truth about Ron Artest’s retirement rumors

We just got a copy of the journal Ron wrote on HipHopGame to address his retirement rumors.

The truth about Ron Artest's retirement rumors

Just like we stated a couple days ago, Ron Artest did write a journal entry (which was not published) announcing his retirement. Just like he did send text messages to his teammates.

"I broke the news on HipHopGame about possibly retiring from basketball. That was not a publicity stunt to get attention. That was exactly how I was feeling that night", Artest announces in his journal entry.

“I’m not retiring from the NBA. I’m have a lot of great years left in me and I still have a lot to prove.”

In our opinion, Artest got so much heat from the Kings for announcing his retirement without consulting them that he had to deny retirement rumors.

There are so many reasons why his initial announcement made sense:
– He is Ron Artest, the most unpredictable player in the NBA
– He did write a journal to announce his retirement
– He did send text messages to his teammates
– He did get in so much trouble off the court that it could make sense for him to take some time off and make things right with his family

Read his full journal entry.