Saturday , Dec , 22 , 2007 C.Y. Ellis

TJ Ford Headed for Early Retirement?

SEATTLE — After consulting with two prominent specialists in the U.S. concerning the state of his back, neck and arms, Raptors point guard T.J. Ford is back home in Houston, contemplating his now precarious future in the NBA.

Ford, who missed the entire 2004-05 NBA season after undergoing neck surgery, has already suffered two related arm ‘stingers’ since last year’s playoffs, and a head injury after a fall on Dec. 11 in Atlanta, and has not returned to action since.

Ford had an appointment with specialist, Dr. Patrick O’Leary in New York, his second consultation this week.

"We are consulting with a number of specialists to get as much information as possible regarding T.J.’s condition. Once enough information is compiled, we will chart a course for his return to basketball activity," Raptors president and GM Bryan Colangelo said yesterday.

The fear within the organization is that Ford’s problems may result in his premature retirement from the NBA…(Click here for more.)