Monday , Dec , 24 , 2007 C.Y. Ellis

Pat Riley: I’m Into Fighting

MIAMI — Heat coach Pat Riley, the master motivator, once said of life in the NBA, "There is winning and misery, and even when we win I’m miserable."

Now has a new credo.

"I’m not into winning anymore, and I’m not into losing," he said after Saturday’s emotional, 104-102 victory against Utah. "I’m into fighting.

"I think we have to live for the fight. A win is a residual reward that lasts momentarily, then you have another game."

Whether the floundering Heat (8-19) buys into that philosophy remains to be seen.

It could be argued that Miami, 2-3 in its past five games, has competed well recently. Two of the losses were in overtime – 117-111 to Atlanta and 107-103 to New Jersey – and the other was a three-point loss to Indiana. The other victory was 91-87 over Minnesota…(Click here for more.)