Friday , Dec , 28 , 2007 C.Y. Ellis

TJ Ford Pondering the Danger of Playing

Of course T.J. Ford is a bit scared, who wouldn’t be?

The last time he was on a basketball court he left it on a stretcher, the memories of past injuries washing over him, concerns about his future as a man and a father clouding his mind.

It can’t be easy to make those thoughts go away, to banish them to the recesses of the mind so he can do what he does best: play the game that defines him to many but a game that has to be secondary to his future as a father, a friend, a normally functioning human being.

And because no one can feel what Ford feels nor think what he thinks, he remains on an island, weighing options, considering his future and his place in the world. Some day, it will become clear.

Some day. A day that has yet to arrive.

"I don’t think anybody can give me advice because nobody is actually going through what I’m going through," Ford said here yesterday. "Nobody’s experienced it as many times as I’ve experienced it. People just there for me, giving me support, they can’t tell you to either or because they don’t know…(Click here for more from