Saturday , Dec , 29 , 2007 C.Y. Ellis

Kyle Korver Traded for Gordan Giricek, Pick

In an effort to create more salary cap space, the 76ers traded Kyle Korver today to the Utah Jazz for Gordan Giricek and a first round draft pick.

Giricek, who is making $4 million this season, has an expiring contract.

Korver, who is earning nearly $4.4 million this year, has $15.4 million owed to him in the next three years after this one.

The first round pick is protected, according to Sixers president and general manager Ed Stefanski.

The pick can start in 2009 and the Sixers have seven years in which to make it. There are different protections for each year, according to Stefanski.

Teams protect picks in case they are in the situation to receive a high choice, thus not losing it.

Stefanski estimated that the Sixers are $10 million under next year’s salary cap, which may be the most room any team has in the league…(Click here for more from