Thursday , Jan , 03 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Charlotte Bobcats Players and Coaches Mixing it Up?

Coach Sam Vincent said his two most dynamic players looked out of gas during the second half against the Chicago Bulls. Those two stars – Gerald Wallace and Jason Richardson – both looked slightly mystified when Vincent’s conclusion was passed on to them through the media. They didn’t feel tired and didn’t think fatigue was the reason they lost.

The quizzical look on the players’ faces is becoming commonplace in the Bobcats locker room. Ever since Vincent wondered aloud in Toronto whether his players were getting enough rest or eating the right foods, they don’t know what to make of their coach’s assessments.

Let’s assume, for the sake of argument, that Wallace and Richardson really are wearing out (and Wallace rejects that, by the way.) What then?The schedule so far has been anything but trying. They’ve played 20 of 31 games at home and have never gone west of the Central Time Zone. They have yet to play a road game against a Western Conference opponent. Yet they’re 1-10 on the road. [Click here for more from the Charlotte Observer.]