Saturday , Jan , 05 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Moves in the Future for Milwaukee Bucks

Among league executives, there’s a belief that the Bucks are close to declaring everyone available, except for Yi Jianlian and Andrew Bogut. Larry Harris is fighting for his job as general manager. Owner Herb Kohl mandated playoff contention in the offseason, and the Bucks are spiraling. In the horrific 45-point loss to the Pistons, one league executive monitoring the game said of the Bucks, “After five minutes, that team just quit.”

For now, Bucks officials have told others in the league that communication between Kohl and Harris has become scarce. They even suggest that Kohl believes his GM oversold him on the talents of Yi, although most fair-minded executives and coaches have been impressed with the Chinese rookie’s potential. Larry Krystkowiak was a Kohl favorite and could survive an initial management purge, but nothing about him suggests long-term solution.

If Harris goes, the belief is that Kohl would turn to ex-Sonics GM, Rick Sund, who started his player personnel career in Milwaukee. A source familiar with Kohl’s thinking believes that Doug Collins is on his radar for the top basketball executive’s job, but doubts the owner would pay what’s necessary to lure him out of television. [Click here for more from Yahoo! Sports.]