Monday , Jan , 07 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Should Isiah Thomas Step Down?

Dear Isiah: You are a smart man and you know in your heart it is time to leave the bench and ‘go upstairs,’ as your former Pistons coach Chuck Daly suggested to me in an interview a couple of weeks ago.This is a time for contemplation as you visited family yesterday as Team Titanic II docks at Lake Michigan for a couple of days before resuming the nightmare tomorrow night in Chicago. This isn’t the same banal ‘Fire Isiah’ plea. Knicks owner James Dolan doesn’t want to eat your contract so soon after the holidays, so soon after March’s insane extension, so he’s not firing you today. But you know better. You know you’ve lost the team. You know your decision-making is completely clouded at this point – a coach caught up in trying to make a GM’s move look good. Pat Riley did it twice in Miami and there’s no one you respect more in this game than him. Click here for more from the New York Post.