Tuesday , Jan , 08 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Can Isiah Thomas Really ‘Fix’ the New York Knicks?

A defiant Isiah Thomas said he has no plans to ask Knicks owner James Dolan for a leave of absence from the bench to focus on the team presidency, saying he will ‘fix this and make it right’ from the coach’s seat. Dolan has no immediate plans to ask Thomas to move upstairs either With the Knicks riding a seven-game losing streak and carrying a despicable 8-24 record into the United Center to face the Bulls tonight, Thomas claimed better coaches may be out there to guide Team Titanic II, but none will be as ‘committed’ to saving the sinking ship than him. ‘I know I won’t find a more passionate person and a more committed person to do this than myself,’ Thomas said.
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