Wednesday , Jan , 09 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Damon Stoudamire a Good Pick Up for the New York Knicks?

Renaldo Balkman is experiencing a sophomore jinx. Mardy Collins has become an afterthought. As for the quasi-rookies, Wilson Chandler plays once in a blue moon and center Randolph Morris doesn’t play ever. All four didn’t play last night vs. the Bulls. As much as Isiah Thomas talks about a young core, the four players Thomas essentially culled from the last two drafts have been busts this season. Thomas won’t add to their playing time anytime soon because the Knicks are too desperate for victories.Thomas drafted point guard Damon Stoudamire No. 7 in 1985 for the Raptors. Stoudamire is on the block in Memphis. That could perk up Thomas’ ears, though he stands committed to not trading young for a quick-fix veteran. Click here for more from the New York Post.